About me and my works

I would like to present everyone short introduction to my ceramics project at Zulawy region.This adventure started at 2010 in workshop attached to Historic Park of Zulawy in Nowy Dwor. I made pottery and small sculpture forms. I has obtained and developed my skills in Monika Wieczorkowska Workshop and through lessons with sculptor Grazyna Tomaszewska -Sobko in Ginter Grass Studio in Gdansk. Currently I work from home, here in Gdansk and also at Zulawy region. Regularly I take part in outdoors workshops organized in Kadyny.The person I am constantly learning from and being inspired by is German Pottery Artist Sabine Moshammer-constant source of trade secrets and remarkabke artist. I visit her workshop in Germany on regular basis, gathering new skills and motivation for futher development in this field. One of my work was awarded in 2014 at 15th National Ceramics Competition CERAMIONY with First Place in category of adults. I lecure at tiles making workskops based on historic Delft patterns which from 2015 will take place in The Traditional Shady Alcove House in Cyganek, thanks to Mr Marek Opitz. I am truly satisfied that my idea and need for continuation of ceramic tradition in Zulawy was appreciated and The Alcove House in Cyganek, where my works are displayed, will become my permament workshop from summer 2015. I am looking forward to this as it will bring even more inspiraton and ideas for future projects, including traditional dishes and utensiles. In every work created by me I try to realized my own fascination of conservation and etnography, including cultural forgotten values of Zulawy region. I create little items of everyday use which are impression of the past, nature and passing time using patterns and details from Zulawian furniture and delft tiles. My personal project includes ceramic collage with use of damaged, broken and faulty objects. As a result I try to rescure forgotten but still beautiful pieces, accompany them in their journey through time towards hapiness. Eventually they become a part of new form, gaining new function and contemporary sens. All that series of collages I titled REVIVAL. My personal favourites are little clay planting pots resembling miniature gardens. All works under REVIVAL project involve present atmosphere of region Zulawy, still so historically affected. My first items used for collages were originally found there and I would like to make similar works as often as possible. I return to Zulawy frequently. Old charming wooden houses, abandoned cementaries, empty roads and neverending wild landscape are like a breath of fresh air and amazing feeling of freedom, allowing me simultaniously to answer questions about why we are here and now. Working with clay is as close I can get to another form of nature, Earth. It gives me sense of closeness to nature, inner harmony and my own childlike carelessness and freedom of creation.